Have you ever considered acupuncture as a therapeutic regimen for yourself or any of your family members? I will be honest with you to inform you that acupuncture doesn't really cross my mind whenever I need medical care. But sometime ago my perception of acupuncture changed when due to circumstances I decided to visited an acupuncturist in my neighborhood. It now on record that on May 24th 2011 I experienced acupuncture as a therapeutic regimen. What you think about something may change after you become a real witness with facts. Listed below are some information I found out from my encounter with acupuncturist.

Here are the facts about acupuncture:

1. Definition - Acupuncture is an ancient system  of healing developed over five thousand (5000) years ago in China and 
    other Asian countries. 

2. Concept - Acupuncture works by stimulation of specific points in the body with needles and the flow of energy which 
    could be infinite electrical energy.

3. Diseases - It has been used as therapy for multiple conditions but at this time I am not definitely sure how effective   
    it has been for a lot of medical problems.

4. More detailed information about acupuncture can be found on the link below: