If you're like me and many other people there are things that comes around through technology that we enjoy because it makes our lives more comfortable and convenient. We hear and see these items being advertised or we see other people using them and without much thought we end up purchasing the item for our personal use. I'm sure you must have heard about this thing called "Bluetooth" or whatever? Do you even take a moment to think about what it is or how it operates? Even the name sounds so wired that it reminds me of a medical condition, toothache. What do you know about Bluetooth other than having a device with it hanging over your ear or having an electronic device with Bluetooth capability.  Let's take a moment to get acquainted with Mr. Bluetooth. 

What is Bluetooth? - Bluetooth is a device with wireless networking capability that can connect other electronic device together over a certain distance. The connection is done wireless within a short distance of about 10-meter (30-feet) area using low power, radio-based communication and it can transmit at a speed of up to 722 Kbps in the 2.4-GHz band. Bluetooth can be in a headset, speaker and personal computer, printer, laptop, cell phone and they can communicate with each other wireless or even best it can be used to share files or data transfer from one device to another, all done wireless. The nice feature with Bluetooth device is that it uses very low power which makes it very useful for battery-powered handheld computers and mobile phones. 

How does Bluetooth work? – This is more of a technical question but I will like to keep it very brief since am not a specialist in information technology or do I have a degree in computer science. Basically any device that has Bluetooth capability uses a radio wave instead of wires or cables to connect to another device like a phone or computer that also has Bluetooth so they will pair or speak to each other so to say. There is a tiny computer chip with Bluetooth radio and computer software that makes the wireless communication possible. Bluetooth can be used by individuals to create a small personal area networks (PANs) which can connect up to eight (8) different devices altogether like cell phone, computer/laptop, printer or even your TV or video camcorder.

Now that you know a little more about Bluetooth it is interesting that a lot of devices with Bluetooth capability are so cheap compared to how useful it is. If you don’t have a Bluetooth device I think you should get one because Bluetooth is everywhere, uses very low power, easy to use and the cost is very cheap depending on the device and product you decide to purchase. Below is an image of a typical bluetooth network:

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