Carbonated Water

It has become necessary for me to write and explain certain things about carbonated water. Many people drink it for one reason or another but is it beneficial or does it hurt your health?

Carbonated water is simply water infused with carbon dioxide under pressure. The carbon dioxide gives it the bubbling effect that you feel when drinking it. You may also see carbonated water being called Sparkling water, Club soda, Soda water, Seltzer water or Fizzy water. They’re all the same carbonated water which produces bubble drinks. It is possible that some brands may have added salt and small amount of minerals and variety of flavor to make it taste better. You need to check out the contents of the brand you’re buying if you’re very sensitive to salt or you desire certain flavor or no flavor at all. Some of the popular ones in the food store or online retailers are Perrier, La Croix, Spindrift, Bubly, Polar beverages and others.

Is Carbonated water good or bad for your health? This is an important question that many people have asked and am sure others will be interested in knowing the answer. One thing for sure carbonated water is a very good alternative to drinking a lot of sugary soft drinks. So, if you’re addicted to drinking a lot of Soda and you want to quit or reduce the sugary drinks then Carbonated water is your alternative. It will give you the feelings and sensation you get from soda without the high sugar content of soft drinks.

Because of the infused Carbon dioxide, Carbonated water has a pH of 3 to 4 making it acidic. But when you drink it the excess Carbon dioxide is removed by your Kidney thereby keeping your blood slightly alkaline at the pH of 7.35 to 7.45.

Some people have concern whether Carbonated water is damaging to their teeth. Carbonated water has the same effect on your teeth as drinking Still water like your regular tap water. The good news is that Carbonated water is one hundred times less damaging to your teeth than Sugary drinks like Soda. It is interesting to know that Carbonated water benefits your digestive system. It stimulates and improves your swallowing if you have issues with your throat and is always trying to clear it.

There’re other benefits of Carbonated water, such as: It can help you reduce your dietary intake by giving you a feeling of fullness. After meals just drink an eight ounce of carbonated drink. It will help retain the food in your stomach much longer than ordinary Still water. Carbonated water has been shown to help relieve constipation by improving your bowel movement. Before going for a laxative, you may try nondrug treatment of constipation by drinking an 8 oz bottle of Carbonated water. There are reports that Carbonated water have good benefits to your heart health by reducing low density lipoprotein (LDL) Cholesterol and increasing high density lipoprotein (HDL) Cholesterol. It decreases your blood sugar because it has no sugar content, lowers your inflammatory marker thereby reducing your risk of heart disease. The last big thing I want to write about is the concern about the effect of Carbonated drinks on bone health. There is “Carbonated Kola” drinks, this drink may harm your bones because it increases phosphorus and decreases calcium contents of your bones. But plain Carbonated or Sparkling water has no bad effect on your bones.

In summary, Carbonated water also called Sparkling water is a calorie-free beverage drink that gives you a bubbly sensation because of its pressurized Carbon dioxide content. It is a popular drink because many people prefer it over ordinary Still water or Sugary Soda drinks.   


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