In this age of technological advancement we are fortunate to have all kinds of gadgets that make life more entertaining. Some of this new gadgets come with a price tag that sometimes makes it expensive to afford. Here comes with what I think
is a new revolution in entertainment, ROKU! How much do you spend in cable TV, satelight subscription, internet service or any of your current media subscription? This little equipement called Roku will make streaming movies, TV programs, YouTube or even radio programs very affordable. Roku comes in different modules, Roku2 XS, The XD, HD and LT and all of them are inexpensive, right now the price range is around $49.99 to $99.99 for one time purchase with no monthly payment.

If you have amazon prime annual subscription then it is necessary for you to get a Roku box to fully enjoy amazon prime membership. Amazon has many movies and TV programs free for prime members, with a Roku you can easily stream and ddownload all of them. Did I mention that Roku has available more than 600 channels through it's channel store in addition to Netflix, Huluplus, USTREAM and many more are being added.

You may order a Roku box from this online store or it's affiliate SAFREBIZ.COM. This Blog will be updated as more information about Roku becomes available.

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