There are useful and effective strategies that help to prevent or reduce your chances of getting cancer. We know that nothing is absolute and in this life nothing can actually be guaranteed as far as health and sickness is concerned. Butt what we can do is listen and follow the direction of the experts in healthcare and do whatever is necessary in order to prevent getting the disease of Cancer. The following steps are advised and supported by the world health organization for you to follow in reducing your risk of getting cancer. I will also add that it is a good idea to always have an annual medical check up with your personal physician who knows about your medical history  and may be able to detect any unusual change in your health.

The steps necessary steps to reduce the risk of getting cancer are:
1. Weight Control - You need to stay in good shape by keeping your weight under control. A healthy weight is an important way of lowering your risk of cancer.

2. Exercise - Do not live a sedentary lifestyle but you need to live an active lifestyle. Any activity that gets your heart pumping helps to reduce cancer risk.

3.  Eat Lots of Plant Foods - Eating lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grains is an effective way of reducing cancer risk.

4. Avoid High-Calorie Foods and Drinks - Consumption of high calorie foods and drinks makes it hard to stay in good shape and control your weight. Avoid high calorie foods and drinks has been shown to be a good way of reducing cancer risk.

5. Reduce Alcohol Consumption - There is a direct link between alcohol consumption and some cancers., for cancer prevention limit alcoholic drinks though it is better to abstain from alcoholic beverage.

6. Avoid Eating Red Meat - The consumption of red and processed meat are linked to bowel cancer. Processed meat means meat that is preserved by smoking, salting or by adding chemical preservatives.

7. Reduce Intake of Salt - Excessive salt has been linked to stomach cancer so you need to limit salty foods and those processed with salt. 

8. Supplements and Balanced Diet - It is good to always eat a balanced diet which should provide you with all the nutrition you need to be healthy. Supplements may be valuable in cases of illness or dietary inadequacy but do not use supplements  as total replacement for a balanced nutrition. 

9. Avoid the use of Tobacco - Use of any kind of tobacco or smoking has been linked to all kinds of cancer including cancer of the lungs, throat, mouth, pancreas, bladder, kidney and cervix. Tobacco chewing is linked to oral cancer, even second hand smoke  is linked to an increased risk of lung cancer in people who are non smokers.  Avoiding the habit of using tobacco is a great way of reducing your risk of cancer.


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