COVID19 & Vaccination
Here’s an update on the highly anticipated COVID19 Vaccine which will be rolling out the next couple of weeks into hospitals and Pharmacies in the United States. There’s some misconceptions about this vaccine which makes people uncomfortable about receiving it. Certain individuals are leading out on the agitation against COVID19 Vaccine ? which is unfortunate to say the least.
As of today Sunday December 6th 2020 more than 66.7 million people worldwide have contracted coronavirus infection and more than 1.53 million have already died. In the United States alone more than 14.7 million people have contracted COVID19 with over 281 thousand people have died from the infection. These numbers are scary and sad.

Avoiding covid19 vaccine means millions of people will continue to die all over the world. It is ironic that all the people leading the opposition against COVID19 vaccines are not scientists or known virologist. Why should anybody listen to them when they lacks the medical credentials. People already took the COVID vaccine during clinical research and it has shown over 95% effective. The same medical research found measles, polio, influenza, hepatitis and other other vaccines. But anyhow it’s a personal choice. Nobody is forcing anyone to get the vaccines as far as I know. COVID infection is very dangerous and is devastating many lives in the U.S. and the world. Something has to be done, the only solution at this point is a vaccine ?.

Below is an update on Coronavirus vaccines. You need to read it and get all the important information so you can make an informed decision about it.

COVID-19 vaccine: What to know about hidden costs, when you’ll get it, more

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