“Do you understand what you’re reading? ... “Well, how could I, unless someone guides me?” - Acts 8:30, 31

If you’ve been following the trend of things around you and the entire world you’ll realize that with God there’s no COINCIDENCES! Whatever it is that is happening God already knows about it, He’s omniscient. The world is now destabilized because of Coronavirus pandemic, in the late eighties it was HIV, fifteen years ago it was Ebola virus ? then SARS ?. There has been epidemic of measles, chicken ? pox and all kinds of diseases and atrocities like the 9/11 and nuclear explosion. These are worldly events brought about by the ravages of sin. For the first time in our lives churches and places of worship are closed for the next eight weeks at least in Southern California. We can only worship via online streaming service. Many universities, professional sports clubs, and public events are shut down in the U.S and around the world. Today the United States ?? and Canada ?? agreed to close their shared borders. Many international airlines are now stranded because the U.S and other countries has banned foreigners from entering the country to avoid spreading of infection. Is the devil ? having his way? I don’t think so because he knows his days are numbered. He’ll put up his last fight but Jesus has already defeated him. 
Are we to live in fear and tremble? Not at all because we have a living Savior Jesus Christ. “God is always providentially guiding our lives, and He desires our ultimate redemption” - Pastor Elizabeth V. Talbot
If you truly desire to do God’s will, you can be assured that He will providentially and clearly provide the guidance you need. We may be disappointed, discouraged, destabilized or whatever. But be rest assured that with God our assurance is guaranteed. Keep up the faith. There’s no coincidences with God, it’s all about His PROVIDENCE!

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